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Michael Broening Productions offers professional music services from the B Hive studios, located in Peoria, AZ.  We specialize in solo artist vocal and instrumental recording, songwriting & scoring, audio editing, keyboard and piano tracking, and complete song production and mixing.
  • Our small professional studio packs a huge sound in a small, comfortable space. For individual artists, vocalists, and instrumentalists, it's the perfect environment to get that heartfelt and soulful performance ... quickly and easily. From first time singers and children, to veteran professionals, we specialize in getting you to perform at your absolute highest level. Every nuance, every flat note, and every inspired moment is explored, editing out the bad and capturing the good, so you can be assured you'll sound better than you ever thought you could sound.

  • The B Hive studio is located in the beautiful NW area of Peoria, AZ.  It features the latest in digital DAW software from Cakewalk Sonar, thousands of effect and soft synth plug-ins, outboard gear from Avalon, Lawson, Shure, MXL, Sennheiser, Adam Audio, RME, Presonus and more, plus 61 & 88 key keyboards from Korg and Yamaha. Your comfort is key, and the warm, clean and inviting small studio space is perfect for small projects and individual or duo artists. 

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